Plant Sap Analysis – 1 Set


You will receive a Sap Analysis Kit, specific to your crops, including:

  • Sampling instructions for your crops
  • Sample labels, barcoded to your farm and crops
  • Laboratory results are available 5-7 days after submission
  • Results are electronically sent to you, your consultant, and are immediately accessible in the Bemesting online database
  • Want to see what your online database will look like? Call us for trial access codes to experience the smartest nutrient management program available @ 1-800-495-7938.


The secret is in the sap. Counter nutrient stress before your crop even shows symptoms.

Input management is critical to your bottom line. Our powerful technology empowers you to supply fertility inputs in exacting amounts. Apply the exact amount of inputs your plants need, and be able to verify nutrients are reaching their target tissues.

Monitoring a crop with sap analysis identifies indicators of nutrient crises before they occur, four to six weeks before tissue analysis. This data allows for proactive, prescriptive, nutritional supplementation.

Growers across all of North America contribute success stories to enhanced nutrient management. Our trained sap analysis experts coach you through data analysis, and input recommendation.

We are confident our technology will enhance your authority over nutrient management. If it doesn’t, you don’t pay.

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