About us

Crop Health Labs

For more than 10 years, Plant Sap Analysis has provided growers with unique nutrient data measuring 21 nutrient parameters for testing that enables a grower to forecast periods of nutrient deficiency. The tool improves efficiency and production and is available to farmers, crop advisors, input providers and agriculture researchers. Crop Health Labs’ proprietary Plant Sap Analysis is the industry’s most comprehensive plant sap analysis report available conducted in a lab setting.

Our mission is to remove barriers to nutrient success and empower growers with data. We are developing a plant sap analysis laboratory in the US to increase accessibility to emerging crop management technologies.

Our Mission

CHL is driving a paradigm shift in production agriculture, establishing crop health as the nucleus of the global food matrix. Using our established metrics for food quality, food production will begin to be evaluated on scales of disease resistance, vitality, immunity, and percentage of genetic potential. Empowering growers in all regions with our comprehensive nutrient management strategies and diagnostics, producers will apply fewer inputs, in a more exacting manner, and gain maximum profit for a higher quality product.

Our Vision

As the industry leader in plant health diagnostics, Crop Health Labs is dedicated to enriching the global food matrix with nutritional integrity. We believe that the ultimate measure of success in agricultural production systems is the creation of food that enhances the health, immunity, and vitality of its consumers. Verifying food quality with our comprehensive data, we enhance both the world’s supply of nutritious food and our growers’ profitability.