"Sap Analysis takes the guess work out of fertilizing crops. Instead of applying all the nutrients and hoping for balance, Sap Analysis allows you to see exactly what your crop needs and apply nutrients accordingly. If you are interested in reducing the use of chemical inputs, Sap Analysis is a huge benefit."

Keystone Bio Ag: Levi Smucker


"Sap analysis enables us to accurately and consistently monitor the minerals in the plant sap. This allows us to modify the foliar nutrients precisely to the plant’s specific needs before a nutrient deficiency ever shows up. Analyzing both the young and the old leaves comparatively reveals nutrient mobility and function within the plant, allows us to fine-tune plant nutrition on a profound level. And realize exciting advantages to agronomy."

James Bauman

"Sap analysis has become the key component of my nutrient management program. Using this tool I am able to adjust the contents of nutrient applications in real-time, correcting deficiencies or excesses before they become visible in the crop or tissue analyses, thereby maintaining an optimal mineral balance throughout the growing season. Sap analysis maximizes my fruit quality and nutrient density."

Mike Omeg