Sap Analysis – Training Kit


Ultimate training package: Power Growers Video Series

Empower your team with 10 hours of instructional video, featuring directives and field reports from the creators and users of plant sap analysis. From our 2- day conferences hosted across the US, this series details routes for proven success in comprehensive nutrient management.

Conference presentations are captured in video, complete with printed conference materials and electronic access to program documents.



Sap analysis a powerful nutrient management tool, used alone or in tandem with soil testing.

Sap analysis is the equivalent of a blood test, revealing nutrition available to the plant for growth and production.

The test provides insight into nutrient absorption and mobility, as the missing link between uptake and application. Our data empowers managers to proactively apply nutrition, decrease fertilizer costs, and maximize efficiency of inputs.

Sap analysis reveals nutrient deficiencies 3-4 weeks before tissue analysis, identifying deficiencies prior to visual nutrient stress.


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